X Candyland Hersheys Kisses

X Candyland Hersheys Kisses

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Celebrate your party in style with these Printable Candyland themed Hersheys Kiss circles. You can use them in your candy buffet or in favors.

Assembly guide:



3.Print on sticker

4.Cut with a craft punch 0.75”

5.Stick on many of your choice.

You can use the labels to attach to Hershey Kisses®, LifeSavers®, Rolo Candy, mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and more.


Kisses® andReese’s Peanut Butter Cup® are a trademark of the Hershey® Company.
LifeSavers® candies are a trademark of the WM. Wrigley Jr.
Rolo Candy trademark of Nestlé
We are not associated with any candies mentioned.

Recommended places to print:
• Fedex Kinkos
• Office Depot
• Staples
• Your local print shop
• Home printer

If you need to print at photo lab. You will need to convert it to jpg.
We have created a simple tutorial on how you can convert it to jpg here.
If you have any further questions on converting it to jpg – please contact us.