Bridal Posters Info & Printing

The posters are 8"X10" and the PDF is formatted to print on standard, 8.5 x 11 sized paper. Trim marks are added for easy cutting.

(You can also print on A4 paper.)

Bundle up 10 of our printable Bridal shower posters at a huge discount!

After your purchase you will receive:

•Welcome sign (8"x10")

•Hashtag sign (8"x10")

•Mim-osa Bar (8"x10")

•Guest Book sign (8"x10")

•Love is Sweet (8"x10")

•Cards & Gifts sign (8"x10")

•X Days till she says I do (8"x10")

•From Bride's shower to yours (8"x10")

•Blank Poster – type over what you want over it (8"x10")

•2 5X7 Poster on US Letter – you can type anything you want over it

(Only some posters are editable - as shown highlighted in the images that follow)

The file is editable which means you can type over our sample text with your own as soon as you purchase it. Templates are laid out on US letter size paper for you to print. You can also print on A4 size paper.


1. Once you purchase you will automatically be e-mailed your link. You will also be able to access your link under purchases on our website.

2. Open your file in Adobe Reader.

3. Type over the text with your own text. Our fonts are embedded in the file, which means you will not have to download any fonts. Only the highlighted text fields are editable by you (as seen in the second listing photo).

4. Incase you need to change the font size or color press Ctrl + E (Windows) or CMD + E (Mac)

5. Save your file or print it directly.

Please note the editing function will only work seamlessly on a computer (Windows or Mac).

Recommended material to print on: Card stock

Recommended places to print:
• Fedex Kinkos
• Office Depot
• Staples
• Your local print shop
• Home printer

If you need to print at photo lab. You will need to convert it to jpg.
We have created a simple tutorial on how you can convert it to jpg here.
If you have any further questions on converting it to jpg – please contact us.