Backdrop printing

Printing a backdrop can be daunting especially if it is your first time. That is why we at partyzako have created this guide to help you select the correct size that you vision for your buffet backdrop.

Backdrop Size Guide

1.What size do I print?

24" x 36"

Our take: This is the smallest size backdrop that we offer.

Recommended use: Use it if you have a contrasting color wall that will match with your theme. If however your wall is uneven we would recommend you to go for a higher size.

Approx printing cost: $15-$25

Note: 24" x 36"in inches  is also written as 2' x 3' in feet. 

36" x 48"

Our take: You will still have some wall space showing, but if you are ok with it then go for this size.

Recommended use: Use it if you have a pretty wall and you want to show some of the wall as part of your decor.

Approx printing cost: $25-$35

Note: 36" x 48"in inches  is also written as 3' x 4' in feet. 

48" x 60"

Our take: This will cover a lot of the wall space behind the table, with some slight edges showing.

Recommended use: Use it if you do not mind a little bit of the back wall behind the showing.

Approx printing cost: $45-$65

Note: 42" x 60" in inches  is also written as 4' x 5' in feet. 

60" x 72"

Our take: This will cover most of the wall space behind the cake table.

Recommended use: Use it if you can afford it.

Approx printing cost: $55-$75

Note: 60" x 72" in inches  is also written as 5' x 6' in feet. 

At Partyzako we can still make larger sizes. Please contact us for your custom backdrop size Quote.


2.Where to Print:

There are various places to print. Fedex Kinkos, Staples and your local printshop should be able to facilitate printing the banners for you.

However if you want to order the banners online - below are some websites you can order your banner from:





3. How to Hang:

Most venues will not allow you to tape it to the wall, so here are some suggestions that have worked for us:

Be sure to ask the company that is providing the photo booth service, if they have a banner stand. Many of them hang their generic back drops on a banner stand, so you may not need to purchase one.

1) 3M Command hooks- The mounting solution that holds firmly and removes cleanly. They leave no surface damage and are reusable, make sure you get the medium to heavy duty ones. Available at Home Improvement section at your local Target, Home Depot, etc.

2) Ebay- You can find portable banner stands on ebay, I suggest to get the "telescoping" one and make sure it stretches to 8 feet wide by 8 feet high.

3) Pipe and Drape- You can contact your local party rentals and ask for a "Pipe and Drape" set, only you will not be needing the drape part since you are using the banner instead. You will need 2 bases, 2 uprights and 1 spreader, just give them the banner measurements.