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Q1.Will I receive any printed materials?

wish! lol Currently we sell only printable items which means they are all downloadable digital products. Please do not wait for the mailman to bring you something from us.

I love your designs but I just want it to match my color palette!

This is possible. Please contact us here.

What format are your files in?

Our files are editable PDF

How can I get a Jpg file?

Please follow our tutorial at here 

Where do I print?

Our files are PDF. You can print you PDF files using a home printer or at Fedex Kinkos, Staples, Office Max

If you decide to print at Costco, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS they print JPG files, which means you have to convert our files to JPG. Read here.

Help! I’ve never used an editable file before!

It’s super easy

Open your file in Adobe reader. It is available for FREE from

Type over the highlighted text.

You will only be able to edit the highlighted text.

And ditto you’re almost done!

How do I change the font size?

Should you need to change the font size press ctrl + E or CMD + E (on Mac).

The text toolbar will pop-up and you will be able to resize the font.

I have purchased an editable file but I cannot edit.

Perhaps you have opened your file in another software? The editable function only works on Adobe Reader.

If you are a Mac user please open it in Adobe reader and not Preview. It is available from

Ok so I’ve downloaded and opened the file where do I edit?

You will see some highlighted text. Any of these highlighted text are the ones you can edit. Don’t worry the highlight won’t print – it is just to show you where to type over.

My text does not fit.

You can change the font size by pressing ctrl + E or CMD + E (on Mac) on your keyboard.

The text toolbar will pop-up and you will be able to resize the font.

I cannot save the file

You will have to go to File – Save As

I purchased an editable file but now I want Partyzako to edit it for me.

This is possible. Just purchase the Edit my file for me. Link Select your product file. Enter your previous purchase number when you purchased the editable file.

I’m so confused! What size paper do I print on?

The files are all laid out on US Letter size however the good news is that you can print the files on US Letter or A4 paper.

Where do I print?

You can print the file from the comfort of your home on a colored printer.

You can alternatively email it or save on a flash and print from Fedex Kinkos, Staples, Office Max or any local print Center.

Do not use the online uploader as the editable version will not be printed. Please e-mail your files to them or save it on a flash disk.

What type of paper do I print on?

Your best bet is white Cardstock 110lb (or 300gsm)

I cannot print at Costco, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Tesco?

These companies accept only photo/jpg files.

Incase you want to print at one of these places please convert your files to jpg. We have a tutorial here.

Will the color be the same?

Please be advised that colours from your printer may differ slightly from what you see here on your computer/phone/ipad screen. All monitors and printers are calibrated differently and exact colour matches are not possible due to brand, calibration, inks, etc. A different printing process is used to produce these cards so there may be some variation in colours. Websites use RGB whereas printing presses and home printers use CMYK.

How many times can I print?

Please note this is for one time event use only. As an event planner, baker, mom, friend you can use it for one event as many prints that event requires.

What format should I print the backdrop?



Or find a local printer

How do I print the frame?

You will need to have your frame printed and mounted. You can either mount it yourself with spray adhesive or have it mounted at a local or online print shop. I recommend foam board. Once mounted, you just need to cut out the center with a utility knife.

Some printing options:


Office Depot


Google “mounted poster printing” for more. Foam board is also available at most craft stores if you choose to just get the poster printed and mount yourself.

You can print them at The only thing with Poster Print Factory they do not cut it for you. So you have to cut it with a craft knife.

The following print and also contour cut but I haven’t used them yet:

Still got a question?

Please let us know if you have any further questions using the form below.